Monday, December 13, 2010

Crafter's Companion Glitter spray projects

This weekend I played with some of the Crafter's Companions glitter sprays.  I wish the photos showed how glittery they actually are but hopefully you can get the idea. I didn't realize just how hard glitter was to photograph.

The first thing I tried was spraying a design on some fabric so I could make a drawstring gift bag. To get the design I took an 8 1/2" X 11" piece of cardstock and embossed an angel in the center of the cardstock, cut it out, but kept the angel that was removed from the center. I used the "Angels Wings & Fancy Things" embossing board that is used with the Ultimate Crafter's Companion. Lay the cardstock on top of a piece of fabric and spray with the silver glitter. Let dry. Next you will put the angel cutout on top of the glittered angel you just made to protect it. Lay a piece of open weave lace on top of the glittered angel with the cutout piece on top of the angel under the lace. (You do not want the lace pattern on top of the angel and that is why you are protecting it.) Tape down the edges of the lace to a piece of poster board and spray with gold glitter. Let dry for a minute or so and then remove the lace. You will see the negative pattern of the lace on your fabric. Save the gold glitter lace for the next project below.

Using the gold glittered lace from the precious project we will be making a potted plant doily. I love giving plants as gifts because they last forever and the gift receiver can enjoy it every day. I also like to make most of my gifts so I made this to go under the potted plant. I took the lace that was just sprayed with gold glitter and used a small plate to trace a circle on the back side of the lace, not the glittered side. Cut it out and put a solid color fabric under the lace. You can see I used red under mine. Using a glue gun I ran a bead of glue around the edge and pressed some trim on the edge of the circle all the way around. When you do this the fabric underneath the lace gets glued to the lace as well as adhering the trim all in one quick step. Turn under the trim at the end and glue it down. Now just trim away the excess colored fabric that is under the lace. Very fast and easy especially since we used the glittered lace from from the previous project.
The last thing I did was make some of my own diecuts for scrapbooking some of my holiday pages. Again using the Angel Wings & Fancy Things I embossed the largest star on a piece of cardstock. I cut along the first and second lines to leave a negative space in the center. I then sprayed some glitter onto the card stock. Buying already made diecuts can be expensive especially with glitter. You can make your own for pennies and they are so much fun to make. Crafter's Companion Glitter comes in 4 different colors, Gold, Silver, Irridescent and Multi.

Have fun and if you get a chance we would love to see what you do with the Glitter Sprays!

Happy Holidays!!


Cindylu2u said...

These are awesome!! I am a new follower and am so excited to what else you come up with!! Thanks and Happy Holidays

Bindy said...

Thanks Cindylu2u. Stay tuned for more to come.

hntmaier said...

These are really cool and I am excited to see what else you come up with.

Your pictures and instructions are perfect, thank you,