Monday, January 3, 2011

Valentine Candy Box

Materials List

6” x 6” piece of card stock
Ultimate Crafters Companion
Springtime Sweets & Cupcake Treats Embossing Board
TopScore Multi Board
Embossing tool
Sharp nose scissors or exacto knife
½” hand punch
Crafters Companion Tape Runner
Rhinestones- optional
Small piece of acetate
Paper cutter

Valentine Candy Box

  1. Start with a 6” X 6” piece of card stock.

2.  Using the Top Score multi board place the edge of paper on the Tri-Fold US Letter line. Score the paper on the line just below it with your embossing tool. This will make a ¼” fold. Fold up on the score line.

3. Bring the straight edge of the paper to the edge of the fold and crease the cardstock.

4. Using the largest circle on the Springtime Sweets & Cupcake Treats embossing board line up the middle of the largest circle to the middle of the folded cardstock. You will be placing the short edge of the box as close to the top of the circle as you can. Take your embossing tool and trace the top of the circle as shown. Cut away the excess paper on the score line.

5. Place the ends of the semi circle lines that end on the long edges of the box against the largest circle and score in the opposite direction making a ellipse shape. Open the card and cut away the two corners from the ¼” folded edge.

6.  Using the Ultimate Crafters Companion lay the long edge of the box on a decorative edge of your choice. (There are decorative edges on the outside and on the inside of the Ultimate tool.) With the embossing tool trace the design on the wrong side of the box. Repeat on all 4 long edges as shown.

7.  Find the long heart design on the Springtime Sweets and Cupcake Treats Embossing board and trace the design on the wrong side of the box on one of
 the sides.

8. Use an exacto knife or small blade scissors to cut out the heart.

9. Place a piece of acetate large enough to cover the heart on the wrong side of the box. Use the Crafters adhesive to adhere the acetate to the inside of the heart.

10.  Take a ½” hand punch and punch out a half circle on two of the opposite ends of the box. This will allow the box to be opened more easily.


11.  Apply adhesive on the 1/4” strip that you folded up in step 2 and press the two long sides together to form the box. Fold in both ends of the box with the flaps that have the ½ circle punched out tucked in first, then tuck in the second flap.

In the sample I applied rhinestones around the opening of the heart. Even though the cutouts on the flaps on not showing in the picture they are on the flaps that are hidden. Now fill with your favorite candy for your Valentine!



hntmaier said...

Bindy these step by steps are awsome, with the pictures I think I can really do it. Looking forward to more picture tutorial, thank you,

Bindy said...

I love writing tutorials so stay tuned for more Trudy. :-)