Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Trudy and Casey have won the two gifts from the "invite your friends" contest. I am so excited for both of you. Casey had an overwhelming amount of friends that helped her out and lady luck was on the side of Trudy in the drawing. I have decided that since you BOTH worked so hard on the contest you both will be getting the Ultimate Crafters tool! I know you are going to be thrilled with this tool. I use mine all the time and it does so much, you will be amazed. Please contact me at yourcraftycompanion@yahoo.com so I can get your details to ship your prize.

I am so happy for both of you and thank you EVERYONE for making my first contest so much fun.

Next week I will be posting information for our first card swap. The theme will be "Spring has Sprung". I hope many of you will participate. It will be send 5 cards and get 5 cards. More details to follow.

Have a great day and keep on stampin!!



CaseyMarie said...


Wow, I am so excited. Sending you an email in just a minute. Wooohooo! Cannot wait to participate in the "Spring Has Sprung" card swap, sound like much fun!!!

~Casey Marie

Bindy said...

I figured you would be happy sweetie. I was excited for you.

Verna Angerhofer said...

CaseyMarie and Trudy...what a wonderful thing. I am so happy for the two of you. Have fun with your new ultimate tool. Congratulations.

hntmaier said...

OMG, Verna emailed me to tell me I won!!!! Needless to say i am so excited and it gave me a much needed lift today
Thank you gary and bindy

Casey Marie congratulations to you BUT the best gift is having this blog and all the new friends and other friends here also,

Bindy said...

Thank you so much Verna and Trudy. Trudy I coulnd't agree with you more. We are growing in leaps and bounds and before you know it we will have hundreds and hundreds of followers and friends. This is just the beginning!