Thursday, February 24, 2011

Just a Reminder of our First Card Swap!, "Spring has Sprung"

I just wanted to post this again since we are growing in leaps and bounds and many of you may not have seem this. We do have a few sign ups but the more the merrier so check out the details below.

 Our First Card Swap!! "Spring Has Sprung"

I am so excited to finally get our first card swap up. I also hope that many of you participate since spring is such a pretty season and you can do so much with that theme. The guidelines are below. If you can't make the deadline then please let me know as soon as you can. Have fun with this!! I can't wait to see what some of you make.

Bindy Lambell
Crafters Companion

Card Swap Guidelines

Welcome to our first card swap!! Our theme for this swap is “Spring has Sprung”. The most important thing in a card swap is meeting the deadline commitment. A card swap is only as good as members that are in it, so please make sure you have the time to get all of your cards to me by the deadline which is APRIL 1st  (no this is not an April fools joke, LOL). You can send in your cards any time before that date. Of course we realize that things come up that are beyond your control but just keep in contact with me at This is also the email address to give me your home address for sending back 5 cards to you and signing up for the swap. (Just copy and paste my email address as we are experiencing a temporary link problem. It will be fixed shortly).

General Guidelines

Use any Crafter’s Companion stamps but keep in mind this card swap is “Spring has Sprung”. (

Make a full card, which means not just the front of a card. It can be any size but the standard size card fits in an A2 envelope, 4 3/8” X 5 3/4” and the card is 4 ¼” X 5 ½”. It is not required to make a matching envelope but it is a nice touch. If you do make a matching envelope, please bag the two together so they don’t get lost. It will also make shipping to the recipients easier also.

Make 5 cards that are all the same, you will get 5 cards back.  I usually design a card that I would like to receive.

Use at least 2 layers of cardstock and any embellishments you would like to add to the design. Go wild if you want too.

Make sure you include your name, contact information if you feel comfortable in giving it, and any other information that you think the receiver would like to have. If you have a Blog it might be fun for the recipient to go and check it out.  List what techniques you used or what materials are in the card so others can expand their card making techniques.

At this time we are going to limit this swap to US card makers. As we build up our follower base and have more and more members from Canada we will have a swap for all our wonderful Canadian neighbors. It is the shipping cost that prevents some swappers from being able to ship to Canada and visa versa.

You can mail your cards to me any way you like but please include the return postage in the package. I will be mailing them out to everyone in a Flat Rate Priority Mail Envelope. The flat rate cost is $4.95 so put that in a baggie separately so it doesn't get lost. 

That’s it! This will be fun and I look forward to answering any questions you may have.

Bindy Lambell
Crafter’s Companion

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