Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Just 2 days left for the "Luck of the Irish" contest!

You still have time to get me your favorite techniques. I will be picking the winner at 9pm California time on March 17th. We have gotten some wonderful techniques that have come in and believe it or not no duplicates! Even if you think that the technique you know is simple it could be very useful to others. Also for every 10 techniques I get I will add another prize to the winner. Just email me at yourcraftycompanion@yahoo.com, and in the subject line just write, "my technique". Good Luck everyone!



Lorraine said...

thankyou i feel much better now as i thought mine was a bit rubbish lol xx

Bindy said...

Oh no, not at all, they are all wonderful. Remember that not everyone is experienced and many are starting from the beginning. Everyone will pick and choose on what is helpful for them.