Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Sara Davies on HSN today getting ready for her segment

Just thought I would show you what Sara posted on the UK blog so you can see just what she goes through to do the HSN show. She is not just beautiful, she is brilliant! We are all so proud of you Sara!!





Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Live on HSN

Well, I've had a busy morning at HSN so thought I'd update you all...

I went in last night to setup my table nice and early - I had an airing this morning at 11am EST with our Ultimate Crafter's Companion tool and also the Clevercut 5 in 1 papertrimmer.

Then I was in nice and early this morning for hair and makeup - poor Rena had her work cut out - not only was my hair all over the place with all this humidity, but I'd come out in a load of spots from the long-flight over here, and to make matters worse, I'd got a little bit excited when I saw all that sunshine on Sunday and slightly overdone it a bit (understatement of the year) so I am literally lobster red all over my chest and arms!

Anyway, meet Rena, the incredibly talented woman...

Who had to take me from this...

To this... (it's like she's a magician - I wish I could take her home!)

Then, once I was all set up I was putting the finishing touches on my table when I bumped into none other than Adam Freeman - he's one of the host's over here on HSN, but he also is a good friend of mine - he actually did my first ever airing on HSN, and I couldn't believe it when he opened his mouth to introduce himself the first time we met - he's a yorkshireman (but with a bit of a twang these days!). He used to present on some of our channels in the UK so you might recognise him, anyway, I was so excited to see him and catch up!

Donna Stork was on air just before me with some exciting new 3birds products

And then straight after me were the lovely provo girls

Jinger gave me a smile before the camera's came to her! And you'll see Heather was busy at work getting ready for the demo!
Anna Griffin was on the hour after me - I caught up with her yesterday evening when she was setting up all her tables - she's got some beautiful products and the kits she had on today were exquisite (as always!)

Anyway, can't type for long, got to head back over to the studio's as I'm back in for a makeup touchup at 5pm and back on air at 6. You can watch the live airings on the HSN website, or after the event they put the most recent video on the product file so you can see it on their website:

Signing off for now... Sara x


Michelle said...

I watched today, Sara, I love watching and hearing!! I loved what you said about learning to speak British...my kids started doing it after we spent "three hours with you" on the CCU DVD. LOL Just got my clevercut...BUT, I find it very difficult to trim my 12 x 12 just a little. Maybe I'm just having a dumb moment. Still love the products!!

hntmaier said...

I saw her and she looked adorable in her jeans and very at home.

Am very curious about the new she mentioned. I did not see her demo the glitter sprays, did anyone see??


Linda said...

I could sit & listen to her talk all day!!! :)

Bindy Lambell said...

Michelle- This paper trimmer is different than any I have used. I just takes getting used to but once you do you will really like it.

Trudy- I don't think she demo'd the glitter sprays that day.

Linda- I agree with you! The few days I got to spend with her during the CHA show was wonderful. She also had Leann and Sarah with her and all three girls were so much fun and some of the nicest women you will ever meet.