Thursday, May 19, 2011


Hi, Linda W. here, and I am so glad to share with you my latest project! I was really anxious for the newest launch of the Boxer Board to arrive from Crafter's Companion USA so that I could make up a few projects for gifts for friends. I participate in a great scrapbook/card making group and we have many contests and prizes, so this wonderful ACCORDION BOX FILE is one of my handmade creations just for a friend!

As you can see, my precious S.W.A.L.K. "JULIE" from Patchwork Polly & Friends graces the cover.  I colored with my copics and added a bit of glitz and glitter before fussy cutting.  Note the stuffed puppy and her writing case sitting next to her.  I found a great leather attachment from my stash to just dangle from the side.  A few silk flower buds and yo yo flowers, and wallah!  This whole project took about 1.5 hours from start of stamping the image to completion of the file.

I figured my friend would even love the placement of several S.W.A.L.K. images placed inside so she could just color anytime and anywhere.   Here's basically how I made the Accordion box and I'm sure you cannot find an excuse as to why you wouldn't be able to create one too!
I make all of my envelopes now using my Ultimate Crafter's Companion so began by making those up.  These are standard A2 envelopes and all of the instructions are provided.

I made a cover sheet, as well as the front fold down hooded sheet that folds and secures the inside contents.  You'll note the accordion folded cardstock to the right in the photo.  This is just a series of valley and mountain folds that actually will affix your envelopes inside each fold.  The 1/2 inch embossed markings on one side of the folded cardstock alternate with one inch embossed markings on the opposite side of the cardstock so you have perfect give and take of the paper grain.

I used a beautiful sheet of 8.5x11 Pearlescent pink cardstock from Crafter's Companion USA to make my cuts for the exterior sheets.  The front sheet is essentially the same size as the envelopes you use, as you don't necessarily have to use A2.  You can use larger envelopes and not cut them apart, just slit the tops of each.  This is what I did as I wanted envelopes large enough to accommodate 4.25x5.5 images.

As you affix each envelope within the accordion fold, simple place down your glue on the front side of the mountain fold, and butt the fold up against the envelope.  It's best NOT to take the envelope to the fold, bring the fold to the envelope for smooth placement.  Massaging both sides of joining areas to assure great seal quality.

I prefer the covering of the file to be a smidgeon larger than instructions, as I wanted my envelopes full of images well protected.  Here's the back placed on the file already. To create the hooded sheet, it is essentially again the same size as the rectangle you just cut plus 1 inch more for the top stretch and then your drop down measurement.

Front placement was super easy - and you can also adjust the depth of the 'hood' that will come over the front of your file.  I liked this a lot so I could make my placement of images with a few embellies and not look overdone.
I am well known for deviating from instructions, so please bear with me as I tell of one more way I chose to alter my accordion file.  The original instructions on the DVD that came with the boxer boards shows punching 2 centered holes in the hood and 2 matching holes in the front liner and then tying with a bow.  It was all lovely but I chose to use a craft magnet I had been storing in my cupboard for some time now. I cut it a bit larger than probably needed but in this way I was assured the flap would not flop open and dump its contents. 
There were many tips I learned along the way, such as when spreading a roll of double stick tape on your project, do a quick 90 degree turn to break the tape contact.  No mess, less waste.

I REALLY encourage you to order yourself the Ultimate Crafter's Companion with the NEW Boxer Boards.  The DVD that accompanies them is very well done and provides a lot of projects for every step of your expertise, including several bonus projects!  I have tried several other boards for doing envelopes and boxes and to date I have found NOTHING better than the Ultimate Crafter's Companion.


Leti (iluv2craft) said...

What a beautiful box. And the best part of being a crafter, is being able to deviate from Instruction and just getting crazy :)

Amy's Designs said...

Linda this is so cute and a great idea to help you get organized.


Awesome idea to get organized. Lovely creation, Linda! Thanks a lot !

Cindy said...

I was so flabbergasted when I saw this amazing box. The uniqueness of it just AWESOME. You provide a great tutorial with easy to follow instructions. This is by far better than a store bought one indeed.
~~So Pretty~~
Keep up the Great Work!
Cindy H.

Karen G said...

OMG this is absolutely adorable and I love how functional it is.

Donna Clark said...

i love it Linda awesome tut and wonderful pictures . your friend will surely love it.
hugs donna

arlsmom aka Lynda said...

Wowzers...awesome project!