Saturday, May 21, 2011

Treat Box + Treat Bag + Card ( 3-IN-ONE)

Hello everyone! I hope you are enjoying your weekend and you have some time to do crafts. I have a very cool project I would like to share with you. It is a 3-IN-ONE project that only uses ONE 12" x 12" piece of cardstock + embellishments. Also, I will be sharing a Pin-Wheel Rosette Tutorial, using the newly launched Boxer boards for the Ultimate Crafter's Companion Tool. I have made a Pin Wheel Tutorial in the past using the Ultimate Tool. I was happy with the Ultimate Tool before, but I was hoping they would come up with some new boards with equal interval grooves. So, I was ecstatic when I learned that they would be releasing 2 new boards - The Boxer and Envelobox Creator. Yay!

My project is a combination of a Treat Box + Treat Bag + Card in one. I discovered this by accident. I made a mistake in cutting one of my cardstocks and didn't want to throw it away.  So I came up with the idea of making a Treat Bag and combining it with the Treat Box and Card. It worked! Don't you just love it when you try to cover a mistake and you come up with a totally unexpected and awesome end result. I love it!

I love making boxes, and not only ordinary boxes. I always want to challenge myself to think outside the box (excuse the pun), and to experiment. The goal? To make an ordinary box, extraordinary. Having the right tool is the key. And if you love making perfect boxes like me, the Crafter's Companion Ultimate Tool + The BOXER and ENVELOBOX boards should be on your MUST HAVE list.

I adorned my Treat Box with 3D Die-cut Decoupage and Rub-Ons stickers from the Fairyopolis Card Making Kit. I filled it with Dove Chocolates and some Mini Rose flowers. Sometimes every little detail counts.

I then put some Ghirardelli chocolates in a clear plastic Treat Bag. I tied a ribbon as a handle  between the Card and the Treat Box. 

I decorated my Card with Pin-Wheel Rosettes that I made with the new BOXER board. Please see below for the tutorial on how I made them. 

Click image to enlarge.

There are lots of cool ideas and techniques available on the newly launched Crafter's Companion DVD - The Ultimate Advanced Construction Techniques. Please check it out.

Thanks a lot for stopping by ! Happy Crafting!  - Jinky


Diana said...

Wow, this box is just great. Will you make a tutorial for that? I really could use something like that.

Linda W. said...

Oh my goodness, this is just the cat's meow!!! Great job Jinky! And I love the pinwheel rosette BIG TIME!

barbara bruder said...

What a great project. I love this 3 in 1 bag,box & card. What a statement this makes. Thanks for showing !!!!

kathy said...

This is so cool,I can't wait to get my new boards,these will make great gifts for my christmas candys and cookies, thank you so much.

Jacilynn said...

super! love this idea. Thanks for sharing

arlsmom aka Lynda said...

Awesome Jinky!!!!