Monday, September 26, 2011

Daydream believer (easel card tutorial)

Good morning Everyone!  Denise here and I am going to share how to make one of my favorite cards, a double twisted easel card.  There cards look so impressive, but are incredibly easy to make.  But before I show you how to make one, here is the one I made for today.

This little cutie on the card is one of the soon to be released S.w.a.l.k. stamps, Daydream Believer.  Isn't she adorable?  The flowers also come with the set.  Here is a close up.

Okay let's get started on the card.  To start you need a square piece of paper.  The bigger the card you want, the bigger the square.  For this tutorial, I started with a 8" square.

First, fold the card in half like you would any other card.

Next, you are going to cut your card from the top middle of your card down to the fold of the card
 (4 inches down).

Now that you have cut the card, you are going to make two folds.  You will start at the top middle (where the cut starts) and fold the paper back toward the side of the card, as shown.

Then make the same fold on the other side of your card. That's it for cutting and folding.

For the top of the card, you will place glue on the two folded down pieces.  Only put glue where I have marked it.  I like to use liquid glue for this next step so I can move the paper around until it's perfect.

On each of the marked glue sections, you are going to place a 4 by 4 square piece of paper.  When you are adhering it, only half of the square will have adhesive on it.  You will want to line up the square along the bottom and sides, making sure you can still close the card.  

And that's it.   Once you've made one of these, you won't need directions again.  Once I had my base done, I quickly put together the rest of my card.

The last thing you will need to remember is to make sure you have a three dimensional embellishment in the center of the bottom half of your card.  The embellishments will keep the sides open.  I used flowers to keep the top flaps standing up.

I hope this inspires you to give this type of card a try.   Be sure to leave a comment below if you do.  W'd love to stop by your blog and have a look.

Have a wonderful day!



Stacy H-W said...

What a great idea! I haven't seen the double easel card before. Thanks for sharing the tutorial. I will be making one myself soon.
Your card is really gorgeous and I am totally loving these new S.W.A.L.K. stamps!! They are so cute!! And versatile.

GrandmaTo5 said...

What does the card look like when it is closed? (Before the recipient opens it)?

Amy's Designs said...

Beautiful card. Your tutorial looks great.

abusybee - DoubleClick Connections said...

Amazing card! Love all the details and the adorable image!

Lisette Morris said...

Love it!! I must try this soon!!

Denise said...

GrandmaT05 - The card folds down like a regular card but is much thicker. This type of card is meant to stay open and sitting up.

Susan Renshaw said...

Definitely going to have a go...!! Great idea...