Monday, October 3, 2011

Fun with Tim Holtz Reinkers

Good morning, crafty friends! Khristen here, sharing some interesting things to do with those reinkers besides reinking your ink pads and at the same time showcasing one of the brand spankin' new S.W.A.L.K. stamp sets, Pants! Sit back and sip your coffee and follow along as I show you how easy it is to create some fantastic backgrounds using reinkers!

I received some Tim Holtz Distress Reinkers in Black Soot, and wondered what on earth I could do with them besides reinking pads. I found a few interesting techniques while browsing around on the internet, and the following two techniques caught my eye.

This first technique is pretty fun, and the more colors you add to this, the better. I need to build a supply of these bottles of fun, that's for sure! Break out your Inkessentials Nonstick Craft Sheet for this is quite messy (as my fingertips will tell you!) If you have a Mini Mister, fill it with some water (mine looks like it has red paint in it, but that's just a stain from my homemade acrylic paint mist that had been in the bottle prior.) If you don't, that's fine. Any old squirt bottle will do. There's my little stamped beauty, who I decided to paperpiece rather than color :)

Open up the bottle and randomly drip small droplets of ink on your craft sheet. If you are using multiple colors (which is recommended for some AMAZING watercolor-like effects!) be sure to randomize the colors a bit.

Here are all of my drops :)

Spray with water.

Grab the piece of cardstock you would like to alter. I ended up using multiple pieces to show how different you can make them. Place the paper down on the ink/water mixture and twist a bit to the left or right, it doesn't matter. Just spin it and lift it up off of the paper...
...and it will look something like this. Can you imagine what would happen if you had multiple colors?
Here are 3 different squares I made, and you can probably tell the order of which I did these. The one on the bottom right was a square I did NOT twist, I just placed it down on the spots and lifted.
Use your heat tool to speed the drying process, and if you pull it out fast enough, you can make the ink create drip lines :) (I did not do it fast enough.) :(
Here are 4 different squares. For the last one, I found a spot on the craft sheet that had barely any ink on it and it made a really cool effect. (I was also able to break out the heat gun in time to make some little drippy lines that remind me of spin art. Experiment with it, it will never look the same twice! So much fun (but very messy! What fun is crafting, though, without making a mess?)

Square #1

Square #2

Square #3

Square #4
When the squares were complete and dry, I broke out my card base and inked up the edges. I pulled the eyedropper out of the reinker and did little drops and spatters all over it, the second technique I wanted to share with you today. :) Easy way to create a neat background!
There! Finished product :) Isn't this stamp set adorable? I have a friend whose birthday I forgot, so this will be perfect for her. See my neat-o background mat I placed her on?

My paperpieced beauty accented with some Stickles and marker.

What amazing things are you imagining using this technique on? I know I've come up with a bunch! Head to the Crafter's Companion store to pick up some reinkers to try out this great technique and this new stamp set, or any of the newly released S.W.A.L.K. sets today.

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Stacy H-W said...

Khristen, this is so cool!! I love that you used the more industrial look of the inked papers with the sweet SWALK stamped image!! Awesome job!! Great little tutorial too. Happy Monday!

Lisette Morris said...

Great Card Khristen, Love the splatter and creating your own background. Too cute!

kathy said...

Love the tutorial.Super sweet stamps.Great job

arlsmom aka Lynda said...

Great tutorial!