Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Pamper Yourself Giftbox & Card Gift Set

Hello everyone! Samantha here, and today I have a gift set to show you, using an ADORABLE stamp set from the SWALK line. I created this adorable gift box with two compartments. At the end, I have tried to write out all the instructions and provided some diagrams for you in case you would like to replicate the gift boxes.

Seriously, it was so easy to design my own customized box with the help of the Crafter's Companion Ultimate Tool and the Boxer Board. I have always wondered how everyone created their adorable custom gift boxes, and now I know!

This gift set would be a perfect set to give to someone who needs a little pampering. Who doesn't love getting some soothing spa goodies?

I created boxes to fit my gifts: Some foot scrub and some hand scrub. Each item has it's own separate compartment in this little customized box.

The hand scrub is in the front compartment, which opens up like a flap.

And the foot scrub is inside the larger box in the back, which has a separate lid piece.

The full cutting & scoring measurements are at the end of this post. I made the card and box using the same aqua colored cardstock and pink striped patterned paper.

The sentiment, rubber duckies, and girl in the bathtub are all from the same stamp set, called Time Out. This bath image inspired the card and gift set. It just reminded me of a spa day.

For the bathtub image, I colored the image with alcohol markers, and then stamped the same image onto the pink patterned paper. I fussy cut around just the bathtub and then colored the edges of the bathtub to create some shading on the tub also.  On the faucet, I added some pink rhinestones. And finally, I coated all the bubbles in glossy glaze so that they would appear shiny.

Then I cut around the whole image, attached it to the front of my card, and stamped the sentiment around it.

To decorate the box, I added some aqua ribbon & two of the rubber duckies (colored with alcohol markers and fussy cut).

Here is a better look at the card:

In this photo you can see the sheen from the glossy glaze I used on the bubbles:

Below are all the cutting/scoring guides for each component of the gift box. Dotted lines are score lines and solid lines are cut lines.
This is the box for the foot scrub. I just folded along all score lines, folded in the middle flaps, and then glued the sides together, forming a box.

This is the lid for the foot scrub box. For the scoring, I just scored each side at 1.5inches, turning the paper and scoring the next side. With lids of boxes, you need an additional 1/8inch so that the lid will fit on the box and the box won't buckle.

I just folded along all the score lines and glued each flap on the inside on each side, creating a lid.

This is the box for the hand scrub. I folded along all score lines, and then glued down the flaps on the first two sections (shown on the left part of the diagram), reinforcing the lid flap (the 1inch section becomes the part that the rubber duck is on). Then I folded in the two middle flaps (the flaps between the 6inch & 8inch score lines), and glued the sides together.

Now, this is the first time trying to explain/diagram out a box design so I hope that it is clear. If you have questions about it, I will do my best to answer them for you :)

Hope you have a wonderful day!!

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mazza said...

Love this idea Sami its fab, your card is super sweet too, definaly a great gift to recieve
marie xx

Kathy said...

Love the set. The papers and colors are perfect.
Thank you for giving us the templates. Your card is adorable. Super job!!

rosenrobrt said...

I love the diagram for this since I have been trying to figure out how to do this size of box.

Carolyn L. said...

Super cute and great templates!

Paula Huiras said...

Love the colors! The ribbon is perfect. Pat yourself on the back!!

Marge said...

Love the boxes, Samantha!

Trena in Naperville said...

Samantha what a lovely give set and matching card!! Great coloring and glassy bubbles. I really dig how the bath tub matches the boxes!

Take care and STAY POSITIVE!

Steph Lee (Arty Carty) said...

awesome job Samantha! love the matching set!

Dawn's Craft Place said...

Such an adorable idea and perfect image for the set.Love that you shared the patterns.

kimmisu said...

Great idea. I love that stamp, I just ordered it!!!!

Stacy H-W said...

Totally fabulous project!!! LOVE IT SO MUCH!! You outdid yourself Samantha. Thanks for the tutorial. I will be trying this out soon.

thescrapmaster said...

Thanks everyone!! If my directions are confusing, let me know. It is my first time trying to do that type of thing :)