Thursday, February 2, 2012

Spectrum Noir - Sneek Peek

*Crafter's Companion REDS SPECTRUM NOIR MARKERS 404584*Crafter's Companion TURQUOISES SPECTRUM NOIR MARKERS 404621*Crafter's Companion YELLOWS SPECTRUM NOIR MARKERS 404591
I Have such exciting news! Crafter's Companion has just debuted their new SPECTRUM NOIR Alcohol marker made specifically for paper crafters! It is the perfect solution for anyone who has been waiting for a marker that is simple to use, easy to understand color system, wow results, at an affordable price of only about $2.00 per marker. YES, I said only $2.00 per marker! They come in pre-packed kits with colors that blend well
together! No guessing what color goes with what.

These SPECTRUM NOIR markers made their big debut at
Winter CHA in Anaheim this past week. These markers were so well received, that at closing time we still had people in line waiting to order! LOL.... How cool is that?

Spectrum Noir
* Affordable Alcohol Marker
* Amazing and simple blending ability
* Blender pen to correct mistakes and special effects
* Refillable
* Replaceable nibs
* Simple color number system... (1 - 9, 1 being pale, 9 being dark)
* Pre packaged
* Basic sets even include a Flesh Skin set!
* 168 colors
* Accreditation program
* Step by Step DVD tutorials with three hours of tips, techniques, and color combo suggestions.

Here are a few Crafter's Companion Images colored by our UK design team using the new Spectrum Noir pens!


Jennifer Van Pelt CZT said...

As one of those people in line at the end of the show, I must say...I can't wait to get mine!!!!

Rose said...

I love them Jennie... so nice to see you at CHA! Can't wait to become certified!

Kathy said...

Awesome pictures! Love the Markers.

Trena in Naperville said...

Great post Jennie!! Examples are just darling!!

Take care and STAY POSTIIVE!

Paula Huiras said...

Great samples!

Steph Lee (Arty Carty) said...

Love the markers! and great to see you at CHA Jennie!

Kathy said...

Do the flesh tones include colors for Oriental skin? I have tried other markers, but they don't provide the right colors for all the variety of Eastern skin tones.

rosenrobrt said...

Ordered the Essentials, Skin Tones, Greens, Blender Refill and the Case....My Creative Engine is warming up....REV REV REV.

thescrapmaster said...

I can't wait to see more samples!

Verna Angerhofer said...

I was dubious when I first got these alcohol ink pens as the paper I had first grabbed did not do a good job, but with the right paper they are awesome. They blend well and I am enjoying using them. One thing I don't completely understand is the numbering on the tips of them, but perhaps I am the only one who is dysfunctional this way. LOL However, I try a combinatiion of colors out first on scrap paper to see if they will be workable for my image and I am slowly learning how to use them better. I am glad I purchased the 72 set now.