Thursday, February 9, 2012

Spectrum Noir - Weekly Tutorial

Step by step tutorial for coloring with Spectrum Noir Alcohol Markers
Stamp: Crafter’s Companion “Christmas Angels”
Markers: Spectrum Noir

Jennie here with step by step instructions to show you how simple coloring with Spectrum Noir Alcohol Markers is for colorists of all levels.

Colors used:
Brown Grays: BG1, BG2, BG4
Citrus Yellows: CT1, CT2, CT4
Gold Brown: GB5
Blue Turquoise: BT1, BT2, BT3
Blender pen
  1. Color a layer of BG1 (stay off the edges and leave white space for highlight).
  2. Add a bit of BG2 while previous color is still wet.
  3. Blend two colors together using BG1 (lighter color of the two) ( Optional: soften edge of light color by touching the edge of the color with the blender pen)
  4. Add darkest color BG4
  5. Blend the two darkest colors together using medium color BG2
  6. Add a bit of darkest color back in and clean up edges while step 5 is still wet
  7. Repeat with other color families to complete image

  1. When adding a darker color, it will blend easier if the paper is still wet from your lighter color
  2. Until you are comfortable on how much ink to use, you might eave a bit of white space near your lines to allow a bit of bleeding, after coloring in the rest of the area, you can lightly fill in any white space you left for bleeding.
  3. I used I used Crafter’s Companion Ultra Smooth Premium white cardstock. click here
  4. Suggested ink pad is Memento Tuxedo Black (Stayzon does not work).
  5. For smooth coloring, color in small circles overlapping each circle. When areas are too small for circles be sure to overlap your strokes to insure even saturation (no white space between strokes - tutorial soon!)
  6. Because colors blend together best when both colors are wet, it is best to color one or two areas at a time before going on. IE: finish coloring elephants head before going on to his legs & arms, unless you are quick and can layer colors before the ink dries. As time goes on you will improve and become quicker.
If you have questions regarding Spectrum Noir markers, including our accreditation program, please contact me at:

Markers now available at your local stamping or scrapbooking stores. If they are not on the shelf ask for them by name, or go here


Kathy said...

Thank you for the lesson, Jennie.Great markers...

Steph Lee (Arty Carty) said...

Love the tutorial Jennie!

Paula Huiras said...

This is a great lesson. Thanks.

Betty said...

Thanks for the coloring tutorials!!!!

Dawn's Craft Place said...

Fun lesson to share

Michelle H. said...

Looks great!!
Thanks for the awesome tutorial!!

Verna Angerhofer said...

This was very helpful. I can see now I am trying to do too big an area at a time. The key according to you is to blend while the ink is still wet and I think mine dried out too much because I outlined a whole area with the darker before going to lighter hues. And I would never have thought of leaving part of the image white. This is really helpful as well. I will keep checking for more ideas on how to use these in the future. I am glad you can help us newbies work with the pens so that we can create awesome art like you do.