Thursday, March 8, 2012

Poppets Snack Box

Hi everyone! Samantha here, with a Poppets sneaky peek for you. I hope that you have been enjoying all the projects this week. The team still has many more projects to show you the rest of the week :)

I made a tiny treat box, but I have a confession. . . I attached the box pieces crooked! So if you choose to make this treat box, be VERY CAREFUL to make sure your box turns out straight, and not crooked like mine. By the time I realized it, the glue was already set, so oh well!

I have had so much fun creating a bunch of boxes and gift projects using the Crafter's Companion Ultimate Tool plus the Boxer Board. These are definitely must haves if you want to make your own darling treat boxes and gifts.

Here it is. . .
 I used a decorative label nesting die to make the big sides of the box. I then measured out a rectangle using a ruler so that I could make a little box for the inside of it. The inside I measured was 3X1.75inches. There was extra around it but I wanted easy numbers to work with so I just rounded down.

I cut a piece of paper 7.75X3inches to use for the inside area.

Along the longest side, I scored at 3inches and 4.75inches.
Along the shortest side, I scored at .5inches and 2.5inches.
Where the lines crossed, I made v-shaped cuts and folded along all the score lines. Then I put glue on the flaps and attached the pieces together.

You could change out the dimensions in order to fit any decorative shape that you would like to use as the big sides. You've got to do a little math but I am going to walk you through the steps of figuring out your project dimensions:
1. Just measure your decorative shape. I came up with 3X1.75inches on the inside of my shape.

2. For the thin side of your cardstock strip, you will need to decide on how deep you want your box. You will end up needing an extra 1inch to the width you decide to use so that you can have .5inch on each side as the flaps to glue your finished box together. I decided I wanted my box to be 2inches deep, so I cut my strip of cardstock 3inches.

3. For the longest side of your cardstock strip, simply add up your dimensions for  2 sides (the sides you want for "walls") plus one other side (the side you want to be the "bottom"). My "wall" sides were 3inches and the other "bottom" side was 1.75 inches, so I got: 3+3+1.75=7.75inches.

4. Then just score along the longest side, at your wall measurement (3inches for me), then add your "bottom" side measurement to that number and score at a second place (3inches plus 1.75inches =4.75inches so that is where my second score mark needed to be.

5. Score along the shortest side .5inches from each side. Your first score mark will be at .5inches, then your second score mark will be .5inches from the end of your strip (I had a 3inch strip so: 3 - .5 = 2.5inches).

It seems like a lot of math, but it is actually pretty simple when you just go step by step and take your time.

For the front, I stamped my cute little Poppet girl onto white cardstock and colored her in with alcohol markers. Then I used a smaller decorative nesting die to trim her out. Then I cut out the patterned paper with the large die and attached it to a cardstock piece cut with the same die. I didn't want the patterned paper to be a side of my box because it would end up too flimsy so I backed it with a layer of cardstock.
I put some chocolate dipped granola bars inside :)

This shot gives you a look at the inside so you can see the flaps:


Paula Huiras said...

Cute project-love the little girls coat. I can't tell it's crooked!

Steph Lee (Arty Carty) said...

what a creative project Sami!

Kathy said...

Great project, Sami. Love the coloring.

Dawn's Craft Place said...

Oh she is adorable as can be-the box idea is wonderful-and the chocolate covered bar! yum

Stacy H-W said...

Awww this is a sweet treat box Sami!! (even crooked! lol)

Michelle H. said...

Very adorable!!

UnikeByYes said...

How lovely! TFS
Have a great wknd!