Thursday, April 26, 2012

Have some of these on hand ...

Today I am creating simple cards for any occasion.  I've used a Humphrey stamp and colored it with my Spectrum Noir markers.  I used bright, cheery colors for this project.  I used the extra-stong permanent tape to attach the layers of the card.  I made a simple card.

Very plain - very simple.  But here's the fun part ...

I can use it for many different occasions!  I used the text that came in this set and text from another set too.  I put the text images on the same white card stock I used for the main image.  I used a pale gray ink .  I dug out my colored pencils and wrote over the text to imitate a child's writing with a crayon.  I drew over my text with bright green and then added some yellow to some of them.  I backed them with blue card stock.  You would do this in the colors that coordinated with the colors you used in your main image.

When I made the first and last greeting, I only inked the "Happy" from the stamp.  Then I used another stamp beside it to create a new greeting.

I'm thinking that if I make several of the Humphrey cards in the same set of colors, and a bunch of greetings, I can be able to just whip out a card for any occasion at a moments notice.

Here are the five cards with Humphrey and the greetings I chose.

Remember, the extra bling or embellishments are up to you. Keep it simple, or run wild!  Create for your audience.

I hope you enjoy all the Humphrey stamps.  I also hope you enjoy my idea for having cards on hand for many different occasions.

Until next time, I am ever searching for inspiration.



Kathy said...

Great idea Lisa!! Your card is adorable and I love your coloring,so professional!Super job!!

Paula Huiras said...

Good idea and I've done the same thing with the sayings. Great coloring.

Dawn's Craft Place said...

LOVE IT!!! I keep wanting to sing send in the clowns-I am sure that is before your time!
This is such a cute one and love how you are going to use.

Stacy H-W said...

Lisa, what a great idea!! I love Humphrey and I'm sure anyone who receives him will love him too!!

AJ Scrapbooking and Cards said...

Wow this is so cute. I love how you many different sentiment! TFS A!