Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Awesome Ulti-Bag Embossing Board

Hello there!  I have a super fun and easy project using my new Ulti-Bags Embossing Board.  When it was first introduced recently, I immediately knew that I had to order it.

I love that it can easily be used in conjunction with my Ultimate Tool or by itself if you don't already have an Ultimate Tool.  And it can be stored inside your Ultimate Tool for easy access.

Let's start with a photo of my finished project.

Isn't this the coolest thing?  It was so fast and easy to make that I plan to make several of these in holiday colors and put goodies and gift cards inside to give at Christmas.  

Here is how I made this one.

First I pulled out my Ultimate Tool and placed the board between the pegs.  Then I pulled out some card stock and trimmed it to easily fit on the board.  You don't have to do this step but it does make embossing easier.  

Next I started embossing the shape of the bag I wanted to make.  I didn't have any trouble but if you want you can use the awesome Crafter's Companion Spray and Slide Embossing Lubricant on the back of your card stock.  You just spray the back of your paper or card stock, let it dry for approximately 30 seconds and then start embossing.  Your embossing tool will simply glide across the surface, giving you a smooth and consistent design.

The bag template I used has two different shaped sides.  I decided to use the scalloped side.  I embossed that side and the bit in the middle and then flipped the paper over and embossed the scallop shape on the other side too.  (you can click on the photo above to see the board in closer detail)

After embossing the bag shape I took out my scissors and cut just outside of the embossed line.  Then I folded all the embossed lines in the middle. 

Next I put a wet glue on the back of the tabs.  You can use other adhesive if you want.  I used the wet glue because it gave me time to reposition the tabs if I needed to do it.

Finally, I folded the bag together, pulling up the side flaps and attaching them to the bag sides.  Now all I needed to do was embellish!  

This board is so awesome!  It is double sided with two bag templates and includes co-ordinated tags, banners, swirls and more.  For my project embellishments, I decided to use the board for pretty much everything.  

I embossed out the shapes I used on the bag front in graduated sizes in complementary card stock.   I also did the same thing with one of the banner shapes to use for the bag closure and I embossed the smallest tag shape to use for my sentiment. 

To finish the project I just had a few things to do.  I pulled out some bling from my stash and used a Spectrum Noir marker to custom color it to match.  Then I added a sparkly green brad from my stash to the enclosure piece and I adhered some velcro for easy opening and closing.  

The last two things I did were to add a sweet little purple flower by the bling and to hang my sentiment to the bag handle with some ball chain.

And there you have it...my completed project!  I bet after seeing this post you will all race to buy this fab board!

Thanks for stopping by and looking today.  Until next time...happy scrapping! 


Usui Danny said...

WOW!!Superb!!I ove this bag...maybe you can make a video tutorial on how you make it precisely??And is tat board a new thing from crafter's companion?tq for replying

Donna said...

I just ordered this board and can't wait to try it out!! Any help we get to make our projects is much appreciated and Crafter's Companion is awesome!!

KYCrafter said...

I was on the fence about buying this board. Now, with your wonderful example, I'm sure it will be first on my newest wish list.

Cheryl said...

This is awesome, Stacy!! I LOVE the whole project!! Thanks for the step-by-step!

Trena in Naperville said...

Stacy! this turned out soooo cute! Love the colors and sparkle of your purse. Great directions! Thanks for sharing how you did it!

Take care and STAY POSITIVE!

Kathy said...

Super job, I just got my boards and Now I want to use them all the more. Thank you for the tutorial. Awesome!

Dawn's Craft Place said...

Oh how cute is this, I knew I wanted that board and will have to go order

{Chrissie} said...

This is SOOO fun! There are so many possibilities with this! I love the colors you chose - what a great project!