Tuesday, December 18, 2012

A Pulley Slider Card Tutorial

Hello!  I must admit I am a big admirer of all of the Crafter's Companion instructional DVDs.  It is just so much fun to follow along with Sara as she walks you through a project step by step.  She always makes it pleasure and even when it seems like a project might be complicated, she shows you that you can do it!  

For my project today, I pulled out my Ultimate Christmas Project DVD and made a Pulley Slider Card.  These cards are really easy to make and super fun.  Kids especially love them.  Here let me walk you through making one.

You start with a piece of paper 11" x 6" paper.  Pull out your Ultimate Tool and butt the 6" side of your paper up against the handle and score in the Trifold US Letter line.  Flip your paper and score again in the same line on the opposite side.  It will look like this:

Now you will open up your Ultimate Tool to the Box Making board.  For this card we are using the Box Lid side of the board. 

Butt the 6" side of your paper up to the Box Lid side of the board and gently score on the second line.  Next carefully cut along your score line. 

Butt your paper back up to the box lid side and score on Line One this time. 

Now you will butt the next fold up to the Box Lid side of the board and score on Line Two. (Not the fold you just made but the fold you made when you scored on the Trifold US Letter line)

Turn your paper to the 11" side and score on line one between these two folds that you have just made.  (You are going to cut out this "notch" for the inner workings of your Pulley Slider card.)  Flip over your paper to the opposite 11" side and do this again.  Trim out this notch on both ends.

I've marked the notched area in pencil for one end.  You will do both sides.

Now find a plastic bag from a store to use to make the inner workings.  I used a Target bag.  It is best to use a thicker plastic bag and not a recycled bag.  You will want the mechanism to hold up.  You will cut a piece of bag 11"  by 1". 

Then you will wrap it around the notched areas and lightly adhere the two ends together with a piece of double sided tape.  You will want to have the plastic tight but not too tight since it has to move smoothly inside the card.

Now you will need two pieces of card stock 3" x 4".  (I rounded the corners on mine but that is not necessary)

Pull the adhered area of the plastic piece up to the top of the inside of the card. 

Then take one of the 3" x 4" paper pieces and line it up along the bottom of the card.  I took a pen and marked on the plastic at the top of paper piece.  I took away the paper piece and put a piece of double sided tape right below this line.  (Don't put tape down the whole thing as this will mess up the movement of your slider piece.)

Add the paper piece on top of the tape.  Now open up this flap to the inside and lay the second piece of paper along the top edge.  Mark a pen mark on the plastic at the bottom of the paper piece.  Remove the paper, add a bit of double sided tape above this line and making sure your paper piece is facing the same direction as the front piece, adhere it down onto the tape.

(You want the pieces to be able to do this)

You will need to punch a hole in the middle of the paper that is on the bottom so you can insert ribbon to use as a pull. 

Then you will need to make a half circle along the bottom of the card front in order to be able to see the ribbon pull.  If you have the Crafter's Companion embossing board with the bells on it, you can use the large bell as a guide. 

Here is the board I am talking about.  See the ringer part of the large bell?  That is what you would use as a guide.

Line up the front of the card and emboss the half circle.  I have traced it in pencil to help you see what I mean.  Now just trim it out.

If not you can use a circle punch.  Just turn it over and punch out part of a circle, being careful to line it up with the center front of the card. 

Finally you need to run a thin strip of double sided tape along the edge and adhere the front of the card down, making sure this tape does not interfere with the workings on the inside.

After watching the video and working step by step with Sara to make my Pulley Slider card base it was time to embellish it.  I was super excited to get two new stamp sets in the mail today and I just had to use them!  The sets I received were both from Dee Gruenig.  One is called Ahhh...Christmas and the other is called Holly Jolly.  I totally LOVE them!!  If you don't have them you are going to want to add them to your collection.

Normally I color everything with my Spectrum Noir markers but today I decided to step out of my box.  I pulled out my Tim Holtz Distress Markers in Barn Door, Peeled Paint and Dusty Concord and colored directly onto my stamp.  I didn't worry about the ink drying because after you finish coloring on your stamp, you huff warm air directly onto the colored stamp to reactivate the inks and then stamp them onto your paper.  This is cool and really fun to do!

After I finished stamping the images onto my white paper, I reached for my Tim Holtz Distress Stamp Pad in Antique Linen.  Starting off the paper on my craft mat, I worked in small circles onto the stamped images to distress the paper.  I really wanted them to match better with the patterned papers I used to make my Pulley Slider card.

I adhered these stamped pieces to my base card.  I used double sided adhesive squares to raise up the image on the front of the card for dimension but glued the ones on the inside down flat.  I didn't want to accidentally interfere with the workings of the slider.

In my stash I had a gorgeous wooden scroll piece of holly that I thought would be perfect on this card.  I used my Tim Holtz Distress Markers to color it using the same colors as the stamped images.  I also added a bit of white paint to the berries for highlight.  To finish up my card, I added some ribbon to the bottom to use as a pull and glued down some Watermelon colored Skittles from my stash on top of the ribbon.  The last thing to do was to add a bit of extra sparkle using my Star Dust Stickles.  I'm a firm believer in added sparkle! There you have it!  Ready to go make one yourself now?  If you do, please share a photo of it on our Facebook page because we would love to see it.

Until next time...happy scrapping!

It's Tuesday again, and that means it's time to announce the winner of our weekend giveaway!  We're shared the chance to win this gorgeous Happiness stamp set, from Sheena Douglass' A Little Bit Sketchy range:

Congratulations to:

Send an email to Taylor at taylor@crafterscompanion.com; include your contact information and the name of the prize you won! 


Rosalind Rowe said...

Like it great tutorial.

Rosalind Rowe said...

Like it great tutorial.

Rosalind Rowe said...

Like it great tutorial.

Rosalind Rowe said...

Like it great tutorial.

Emily H said...

I plan to make boxes using my ultimate tool to wrap gifts in this year. Thanks for the inspiration.

Joan V said...

Wow, great tutorial. Thanks for all the details.

KYCrafter said...

Stacy ... that was a great project! And your tutorial was absolutely amazing!! Keep up the great work!

Trena in Naperville said...

Awesome tutorial Stacy! Love this! Thank you for sharing.

Take care and STAY POSITIVE!