Monday, February 24, 2014

Angelica & Adam Mini Scrapbook Tutorial

We're back today with another amazing tutorial using the papercrafting CD-ROM from our new Angelica and Adam range! This CD, along with the coordinating stamps and other goodies, will be available on our website tomorrow!

Kendra made this wonderful project, and shares instructions below:

Step 1:From Angelica & Adam CD-ROM #2, open the 'Crafty Stash' Design 2 PDF and print it out. There are 12 pages on this PDF.

* TIP: Select a nice quality heavy cardstock for printing so you get the best print quality.

Step 2: Trim all of the full page layouts (six in total) and attach them to a coordinating piece of colored cardstock.

* TIP: If more pages are needed for the album, print additional pages by selecting specific pages to print OR add pages with co-ordinating cardstock.

Step 4: Emboss blank cardstock pages (7 ¾” x 7 ¾”) with 8” Embossalicious embossing folders to add texture & dimension to the pages.

Step 5: Attach embossed pages to 8” coordinating cardstock. Embossalicious Folders used: Grande Dots 8”x8” and 8”x8” Regency Swirls.

Step 6: Print the photographs for the album. Then lay out each of the printed pages that were assembled on the coordinating cardstock and place the photos on the pages. Once the layouts are set, mat the photos and attach them to the pages.

TIP: When working with smaller scrapbook pages (anything under 12”), it’s a good idea to print smaller photos (half or quarter size) rather than the standard 4”x6”. That way more will fit on the page and there is still room for embellishments.

Step 7: Using a ¾” circle punch, punch out the letters from the alphabet sheet that was printed as part of the PDF document and then use a 7/8” circle punch to make a mat for each letter. Attach to the page with foam adhesive.

Step 8: Add gemstones to each page to add dimension and visual interest.

Step 9: Add various embellishments from the printed sheets to the scrapbook pages. Trim the elements with punches, die cuts or scissors.

Step 10: To add printed journaling to the scrapbook, select a coordinating font and type the entries in a word processing package. Add space between entries & then print on printer paper.

Step 11: With removable adhesive, attach printed tags and journaling blocks from the printed PDF document that were trimmed in Step #3 to the printer paper.

TIP: When attaching the tags and journaling blocks, add the adhesive at the top of the item so they stay in place when going through the printer.turn the page over to see if the placement of the tag or journaling block is positioned as desired.

Step 12: Add the page(s) to the printer and print again.

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