Friday, January 29, 2016

Tutorial: Valentine's Tussy Mussy Treat Holder

Do you know what a tussy mussy is? According to one definition, it is a "A tussy mussy is a Victorian-style bouquet where a small group of flowers is placed in a ... vase specifically designed to be carried."

In this tutorial, Gini shows you step by step how to create a Tussy Mussy ready for Valentines day! Have fun making one!

Crafter's Companion Supplies:

Other Supplies: 2 small brads, glue dots, double sided tape, inks, pearls

Step One: Cut the paper 6" x 10"

Step Two: Score at 1/2" along the long side of the paper.

Step Three: Mark a small dot on the back side of the paper at the 5" mark. This will be the pivot point for scoring, and all triangles will meet at this spot.

Step Four: Use the Special Treat Embossing Board to score the triangles that will make the treat holder.

Step Five: Match up a long side of the triangle along the scored line, and line up the apex of the triangle with the dot.

Step Six: Use the scoring tool to hold the paper on the board and at the apex and pivot the paper to line up the next triangle to connect to the first. Continue this method until four triangles are scored. 

Step Seven: Trim around the scored marks, leaving a 1/2" tab under the first triangle.

Step Eight: Fold into a treat holder. Attach double sided tape to the tab to complete the holder.

Step Nine: Attach a die cut handle to the sides of the holder with brads and Stamp and die cut decorations for the front.

Step Ten: Add candies to the holder. Die cut and ink flowers and attach to random candies with glue dots.

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barbara macaskill said...

Excuse the pun but this is so sweet!!! LOVE how you made this and am going to attempt to make a few for my sweethearts!! Thanks for the inspiration!