Saturday, February 6, 2016

Tutorial: Valentine Box Card

Want to make a memorable Valentine for someone special? Try making a Box Card with Bebunni!

You'll need these supplies:

And: Directions: Red and Green cardstock | Patterned paper | Colorbox Liquid Chalk - Charcoal, Maroon | die cutting machine | Ruler | Craft knife

Step 1: Cut a piece of cardstock to a size of 6" x 10". Using the Box Lid side of the box making board in the Ultimate Tool, score the 6" direction on the 1" score line and on the 2" score line.

Rotate the paper 180 degrees and score again on the 1" line and 2" line.

Step 2: Cut a second piece of coordinating cardstock to 6" x 10". Repeat the scoring steps of Step 1 to score this second piece of cardstock the same way.

One piece will be used for the back of the card and will not be diecut. The other piece will be diecut.

Step 3: Choose which piece will be your card front. Near the top and bottom of this piece, mark lightly with pencil a distance of 1" to the right of the 2" score line. This is where the die needs to align to.

Tip: There are little nubs at the left and right edges of the metal die. These are the points that you want to align with your pencil marking. Turn the die ninety degrees so that the left side of the die aligns to the top mark and the right side of the die aligns to the bottom mark. The hearts should be facing the center portion of the card. 

Tip: Use washi tape or another low-tack tape to hold the die in place. Cut and emboss using a diecutting and embossing machine.

Step 4: Repeat the process for the right side of the card by marking a point 1" to the left of the 2" score line on the right side of the card. Rotate the die 180 degrees so that the hearts are again pointing to the center of the card and align the nubs on the die with the pencil marks.

Tip: When running this through the cutting and embossing machine for this second cut, position the cutting and embossing plates/mats so that they do not cover the first diecut. If they do, they will flatten out the embossing of the first diecut. Instead, position them to allow just enough coverage to cut and emboss the second diecut and let the mats hang off the edge of the platform.

Step 5: Using a ruler and a craft knife, cut from the top of the left diecut over to the top of the right diecut. Also cut from the bottom of the left diecut over to the bottom of the right diecut. Remove the center portion of the panel.

Glue clear acetate to the back side of this panel to complete the window.

Step 6: Decorate the inside of the card before gluing together. A printable topper from the Bebunni Floral papercafting CD is perfect for this card.

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SuperSanders58 said...

Thanks for sharing such a beautiful card. I definitely be buying the CD and love the idea of how to use the die.
Andrea (Australia)

Donna Jo said...

Gorgeous card! I wish I had seen it before Valentine's Day! I just got a box from Crafter's Companion and was trying to find a tutorial for Sheena's Lily and Pansy and came across this! Thanks for your wonderful products and projects!

sue louis said...

Love your products, however, this is the second tutorial that I have read and both have the worst directions I have ever seen. The first one did not mention the size of the paper to be cut. This one fails to mention how to put the card together and I think the measurements are off. Also if you make a mark 1 inch to the left of the 2" score line that makes the two die cuts butting head to head. My card does not show that big of a space between the dies. Just and FYI